Nova – Starliner – Impala

In the shop is a 60’s Nova with PBRC framing in place, a 1961 Ford Starliner also with PBRC framing and engine fitting, a custom panel 1985 Corvette being re-assembled, a 10-5 2007 Ford Mustang body being finished for it’s PBRC chassis shown also, a 1961 Impala being fitted as a Pro Street car, a 1940 Ford Street Rod with engine in place and interior in progrss and work also shown on a 70’s Chevelle and a ’57 Bel Air. See Gallery

Chevelle – Bel Air – Mustang

Projects in the shop include a Ford Mustang assembly just getting started after orange paint from the Hi-Tek Powder Coating shop, a Pro-Stock Camaro at about 70%, a Chevy Cavalier steel body custom PBRC framing and race build in the opening stages, a “Street Racer” mod body prep, a Chevelle getting a race seat and cockpit modification, a ’57 Chevy PBRC rear suspension upgrade and a new aquisition of an open wheel racer to get an engine and upgrades for some future track fun. See Gallery

Harris Racing – 1967 Chevelle SS

Pat Bennett Race Cars is also there for you for racing upgrades and specialty parts. Chad Harris had this family owned Chevelle and took it out for some racing. One of the upgrades to get it on the track and posting winning runs was the 6 Point Roll Bar installed by PBRC! We have the parts and fabrication expertise to add the roll cage, upgrade the suspension, modify the chassis and do any service needed to bring that street stock ride up to winning standards.


See more about Chad Harris Racing online!

We Build and Install Only the Best

Pat Bennett Race Cars include the following parts:
SFI 25.1E 4130 Chassis PBRC Mid Plate – 1/4″ 6061 PBRC P/S Adjustable Wing with Bolt on Wicker
Fiberglass/ Composite Body PBRC Block Protector – 1/8″ PBRC Motor Plate – 1/4″ 6061
Weld/ Hole Shot Wheels PBRC Transmission Mount PBRC Roof Mounted Tow Point
Hoosier/ Goodyear/ M/T Tires PBRC Door Latches PBRC Charging Post
M/W Aluminum Third Member PBRC Inside & Outside Door Handles PBRC Dual Battery Mount
M/W 4130 Driveshaft PBRC/Stroud Door Straps PBRC Single Parachute Mount & Cable Kit
MSD Digital 7 Ignition PBRC P/S 9″ Housing PBRC Front Mount Fuel Cell with Magna Flow Pump
Autometer Gauges PBRC 4 Link Rear Suspension PBRC Wheelie Bars
Chrome Package PBRC Anti-Roll Bar PBRC Pro Pedal Assembly
FR On/Off Switch & Mounts PBRC Wishbone Housing Locator PBRC Pedal Stops
M/W Axles Koni Double Adjustable Rear Shocks PBRC Pedal Boots
C&R Radiator M/W Lamb Rear Brakes PBRC Adjustable Throttle Linkage
Hurst Line Lock PBRC Pro Tie Rod Ends PBRC Steering Column
Pro Glass MR-10 Windows PBRC Carbon/Glass Seat PBRC/M/W/ SFI Removable Steering Wheel
Stroud/Simpson Parachute PBRC Removable Drive Shaft Loop PBRC Hood Scoop
Stroud/Simpson Cam Lock Seat Belts PBRC Custom Wiring PBRC Custom Headers
Stroud SFI Window Net Lamb Pro Stock Single Adjustable Struts Carbon Tubs Interior Panels
Lamb Master Cylinder Body Work and Single Color Exterior Paint Base Coat / Clear Coat/ Powder Coating

Tom Fuller – 1957 Chevrolet Belair

fuller57aTom Fuller really made a find with this 1957 Chevy!
The car was purchased in April of 1970 from the original owner, an 82 year old lady, who had failed her vision test to renew her driver’s license so she decided to sell the car. To that point, the car had only been used to go to the grocery store and church and had only 32,000 miles on the odometer!
Among many modifications since purchase, the car was brought to Pat Bennett in 1997.
“In the spring of 1997, I purchased a 509 Chevy big block that had been built by Don Kowalsky in Lynchburg, Va. The big block made almost 600 HP on the dyno and also had a 400HP Pro Shot Fogger NOS nitrous system on it. Realizing that the Street Rod rear setup (*1991 modification for Pro-Street) would never hold up under this motor, I took the car to Pat Bennett Race Cars where the 3 link was cut out, all the interior was removed and a full race, 4-link rear suspension was installed, along with a 6 point roll cage.”



*photos and text from:

Central Virginia Career Guide on Pat Bennett

Metal Rods Become Hot Rods

Drag racers from Pat Bennett’s shop in Amherst County have claimed top prizes in National and International Hot Rod Association events — including Pro Modified classes. But the awards on the walls of his shop aren’t just for speed; his cars have also earned awards for “Best Engineered” in their class.

Considering the stresses his vehicles have to endure, that engineering is critical. Bennett’s cars carry engines in excess of 700 cubic inches, generating more than 2,000 horsepower! With top speeds well above 200 miles per hour, these racers will burn more than a gallon of fuel in just a quarter mile. Their frames have to be incredibly strong (and precisely constructed) to withstand that kind of performance.

Bennett builds these frames from the ground up, and it’s amazing to think that these speed machines begin life as nothing more than a pile of 24-foot-long metal rods. Bennett and his crew take these rods and painstakingly cut, bend, weld, and shape them into a sturdy chassis that will soon be housed in a sleek body shell.

The process takes several months, and every step requires a craftsman’s eye plus expert metalworking skills. These same skills can be acquired at CVCC — and they’re just as valuable for your career whether you’re hoping to build high-performance race cars, or high-tech industrial machinery.


Randall Haynes ’41 Willys – OTG Racing


Randall Haynes in a Pat Bennett Race Cars ’41 Willys Pro Nitrous earlier this season at the National Guard ADRL event in Valdosta, GA.  Brian Shaw of OTG Racing has said they plan to drop a larger Fulton Racing Engine and make the U.S. Drags II at Virginia Motorsports Park for July 24-25, 2009. (source ADRL – Agent 660)

You can follow this car and the OTG Racing Team online at their website: