Pat Bennett wins P.O.D race

pbwinpod1Posted: September 2008,

This past saturday the 13th the Pro Outlaw Doorslammers brung “the Show” back to Virginia Motorsports Park. Even with 2 other major races going on the P.O.D had 21 teams competing in qualifying for the 16 car show.

There were 2 big surprises at this race that many people would not have imagined. Troy “Short Dogg” Henderson competed in his first P.O.D race since april after being re-instated by the board members earlier in the week. Ralph “Pipsqueek” Duggins, the driver of the Bad New Motorsports camaro, drove Assault Team member Maurice Bea’s 1998 Ford Mustang powered by a Charlie Buck Ford hemi.

When the doorslammers came to the lanes for the first round of qualifying, the fans knew they were going to see a battle for the top spot with so many strong teams such as Terry Dehaven, Marc Hayes, Bea’s Mustang, Matt Suite, Pat Bennett, Kevin Fortney, Wayne Woodard, James Cecil and Kenny Keller.

After the first round of qualifying Terry Dehaven in his awesome blown 63 Vette was the number 1 qualifier with his Jeff Miller power. Marc Hayes was number 2 with a 4.16, Pat Bennett was number 3 with a 4.24. The P.O.D points leader was number 4 with a 4.30 with Ralph Duggins rounding out the top 5 with a 4.33.

When the second round of qualifying was called many capable teams found themselves not qaulified with one more shot to break into “the Show”. When the last car went down the track Herbert Bright of NC in his Eagle powered Trans Am was able to break into the field as the number 16 qualifier with a 4.51 along with Zeb Artist in his Billy Albert powered Cavalier who ran a 4.34.

When eliminations started it began to cool off a little after a very hot day of qualifying. Pat Bennett would face David Merz who qualified with a 4.46 but was unable to make the call giving Bennett the win. Matt Suite who was number 2 in the points found himself in a great position to gain ground on the points leader after Kevin Fortney was unable to continue. Suite who qualified with a 4.342 would face Wayne Woodard who qualified with a 4.347. Suite would pick up the win with a 4.25 while Woodard broke at the line.

In round 2 Pat Bennett would face Jessie Grant who had taken a win over Troy Henderson in round 1. Grant would take a shot at the tree and go red while Bennett lit the scoreboard up with a 4.15 pass. Matt Suite would face Herbert Bright who took a win over Keith Bennet (Bennet ran as alternate for Terry D) in round 1. Suite would take the win over Bright.

When round 3 came around the fans were on their feet to see some big match-ups as Matt Suite faced off with the number 3 man in the points, Charles Kelly and Pat Bennett would face Marc “the Truth” Hayes. Suite and Kelly would line up and run side by side with Matt Suite taking the win with a 4.40 to Charles Kellys 4.41. Pat Bennett would take the win over Marc Hayes with another 4.15 while Hayes had problems at 60 ft.

After a great day of racing at Dinwiddie the final round match-up was set with Pat Bennett taking on Matt Suite. Pat Bennett would take the win in his Charlie Buck powered 63 Vette giving him his first Pro Outlaw Doorslammers victory.

The next race will be the first annual P.O.D Nationals at Roxboro Dragway on October 4th.

The P.O.D thanks all the fans who came out on a hot day to see some great heads up doorslammer action.

Camera Man aka Karon Woodward

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