Tom Fuller – 1957 Chevrolet Belair

fuller57aTom Fuller really made a find with this 1957 Chevy!
The car was purchased in April of 1970 from the original owner, an 82 year old lady, who had failed her vision test to renew her driver’s license so she decided to sell the car. To that point, the car had only been used to go to the grocery store and church and had only 32,000 miles on the odometer!
Among many modifications since purchase, the car was brought to Pat Bennett in 1997.
“In the spring of 1997, I purchased a 509 Chevy big block that had been built by Don Kowalsky in Lynchburg, Va. The big block made almost 600 HP on the dyno and also had a 400HP Pro Shot Fogger NOS nitrous system on it. Realizing that the Street Rod rear setup (*1991 modification for Pro-Street) would never hold up under this motor, I took the car to Pat Bennett Race Cars where the 3 link was cut out, all the interior was removed and a full race, 4-link rear suspension was installed, along with a 6 point roll cage.”



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